How to Make Acrylic Gummy Bears

Katina Oxendine

There are some people who enjoy gummy bears as a sweet chewy snack, while others love their cute shape and want them for other projects such as a bracelet or other adornment. Sadly, the normal candies do not lend themselves well to this process, as they ca melt or attract insects.

These sweet treats can be made not so sweet for your craft applications.

Adapting a normal candy mold can give you acrylic gummy bears for all your projects.

  1. Follow the steps of the resin casting kit. This will involve mixing the chemicals to create and activate the resin for use. Decide how many colors of gummy bears you wish to create. Pour the resin into that number of plastic cups.

  2. Open your paint. Use your craft stick to take out a tiny amount. This should be no more than 1/2 of a pea-sized drop at first. Mix it carefully into the resin until you get the desired color. The acrylic paint will give an opaque finish to the resin, while Vitrail (a glass paint commonly used to imitate stained glass) will give you a colored transparent gummy bear.

  3. Pour the resin into your mold and let it set up according to the resin's instructions. This process can take as little as an hour or up to 24 hours.

  4. Turn the mold over and tap it to extract the gummy bears when the resin is set.

  5. Warning

    Be sure to use the resin kit in a well-ventilated area.