How to Make a Creepy Basement Laundry Room Feel Nicer

Oubria Tronshaw

If you're tired of watching your dirty clothes pile up because you're afraid to descend to your laundry room dungeon, follow a few interior design tips to turn your creepy basement into a cheerful station for fresh, clean clothes.

Brighten your basement laundry room with paint.

Even if your laundry room is windowless, you can manipulate color and artificial light to mimic natural illumination. If you're still hesitant to brave your basement in the meantime, recognize that facing your fear is cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe.

  1. Paint your basement walls to create a feeling of spaciousness. Try neutral colors like white or tan or cool colors, like light blue, green or violet, that appear to recede. Avoid warm colors like orange, red or brown that seem to approach and cause a closed-in, cramped effect. Paint the trim around the windows and doors a lighter color than the walls. Choose a focal point wall to paint designs or to hang knickknacks to personalize your laundry room.

  2. Install light-colored ceramic tiles over the concrete floor to turn your laundry area from a creepy dungeon into a finished room. If new flooring isn’t in your budget, paint your concrete floor the same accent color as the trim around your doors and widows to complement the walls. Put down area rugs in front of your washer and dryer to create a homespun feel.

  3. Create a folding area and storage space to maximize the utility of your laundry area. Set up a table by the opposite wall from your washing machine and dryer, and install open shelves above the folding table for clothing, linens, laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener. Hang short curtains in front of your shelf space to mimic cabinet doors, and choose light-colored curtains that create the illusion of having additional window space in your basement area. Place bright-colored bins or wicker baskets underneath your folding table for pre-sorting laundry.

  4. Make your lighting brighter with tall floor lamps and wall sconces. Increase your light bulb wattage on overhead lighting, and trade in a dim, naked bulb with a single string for a bright light illuminated through a decorative covering. Wire your overhead lighting so it turns on at the flip of a switch. Accentuate your windows with gauzy curtains that add a breezy feel to your basement.

  5. Remain vigilant about cleanliness and clutter, and sweep and dust your laundry room often. Create a clear laundry zone, and keep all nonlaundry-related items out. As much as possible, keep surfaces in your laundry area clean and clear when the room is not in use.