What Colors Will Go With a Sage Green Room?

Sarah Emerald

Whether you have moved into a home with an existing sage green room or want to give a room a fresh green makeover, choosing colors that work with sage will help you pull together a cohesive design.

Sage green works well with a surprising number of colors.

Sage green goes well with a surprising number of colors and themes, and can bring a sense of calmness and serenity to any room. Sage also works well with natural and organic fibers and fixtures, from river pebble flooring to wooden furniture and accents.

White and Ivory

White and ivory can be used separately or together to complement a sage green room. Using white or ivory can help brighten up a sage room that looks too drab or dark; choosing white or light-colored furniture can have the same effect. Use light-colored curtains to accent the walls and give the sage green a fresh, clean look. Accent with new or vintage botanical prints and fresh florals for extra garden appeal.

Woodland Shades

Look to nature for inspiration for your sage green room. Choose deep shades of brown for the furniture; teak, mahogany or dark stained oak all work well with green. Add in some deeper shades of green as well; using a darker shade of green will help unify the room. Add some woodland-themed accents, like an acorn or pine wreath, or draperies with a leafy print. Rustic fabrics like burlap, raw silk and organic cotton in natural tones will go well with this sage green theme.

Ocean Shades

Choose a palette inspired by the seaside to complement your sage green room. Use watery blues, sandy neutrals and clean, clear whites to bring the feel of the ocean into any room. Consider using furniture in natural shades inspired by driftwood, and add seashells as accents. Bleached-out painted pieces will work well in a seaside-themed room as well. Choose items that look like they would be at home in a beach house or condo; they will work well with this decorating scheme.


Soft sage green is one of the prime colors used in the Shabby Chic decorating style. Combine silvery sage green with pale pink and white to emulate this style. Pale, soft washed color presented as solids, floral prints and soft geometric patterns are all popular looks for Shabby Chic interiors. If the walls of the room are green, choose white furniture with pink and white floral textiles to embrace the Shabby Chic look.