How to Hang a Skateboard With Wheels on the Wall

Heide Braley

Skateboards, bicycles, rakes, gas cans, lawnmowers and a whole collection of odd items fill our garages or sheds. Organizing these areas involves deciding on how you want each item to be stored. Some things, such as a lawnmower, will stay on the floor while the rest of the items need either shelves or hooks.

Hang skateboards on the wall for storage.

A skateboard is one item you want to get off the floor, not only so you can reach it quickly but to keep yourself from breaking your neck by accidentally stepping on it.

  1. Measure the distance between the insides of the wheels on the front truck of the skateboard. This will give you the distance for placing the hanging hooks.

  2. Find the studs on your wall with a stud finder or by hammering a thin nail across the wall until you hit a stud instead of drywall. Mark the stud position with a pencil. Find at least two studs.

  3. Anchor a 1/2-by-4 inch plank to the wall. Pre-drill pilot holes to prevent the plank from splitting. Screw 2-1/2 inch wood screws through the plank and into the wall studs. If you have more than one skateboard to hang, you can make this plank long enough to hang all of them. Anchor it to more studs if you make it longer.

  4. Screw two heavy-duty, vinyl-coated, U-shaped screw hooks that are wide enough for the axle to fit between into the wood plank. Space them the same distance apart as the measurement you took between the wheels.

  5. Hang the skateboard over the hooks with the wheels facing the wall to display the skateboard deck.