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How to Build Classic Library Wall Paneling

Kate McFarlin

A home library can be made to look majestic with wood paneling. This classic look has been idealized in movies, design magazines and books for centuries, and in just a few hours, you can transform a regular library into an extraordinary room. Prefinished tongue and groove hardwood panels are ideal for this project, combining the incomparable look of real wood with easy installation. You won't have to use chipped board paneling with this technique, and the finished look will be more than worth the effort.

Wood panels add a classic touch to a library.

Step 1

Find the studs in the wall with an electronic stud finder, and mark their locations with a pencil. Hold the stud finder in your hand, and scan the wall both horizontally and vertically. Depending on what type of stud finder you are using, the stud finder will indicate with a laser where the studs are or it will display this information on the screen, .

Step 2

Cut the tongues off of the first row of planks with a circular saw. Do not rush the wood through the saw; feed it slowly or it will splinter.

Step 3

Place the first planks, cut side toward the floor, at the bottom of the wall. Nail the planks into the studs using the nail gun. It helps to have someone else hold the panels in place while you insert the first nails. This prevents slipping. Insert two nails for each stud, one at the top of the plank and one at the bottom.

Step 4

Insert the tongue of the second row of planks into the groove at the top of the first row. Press down firmly to lock the panels in place. Attach the panels with a nail gun into the studs. Continue until the wall is complete.