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Spring Cleaning Guide To Keeping Homes Free Of Pet Pee, Smells & Hair

Ashley Walton
Table of Contents

Who knew such a small animal could make such a BIG mess?

Taking care of a pet doesn't mean just feeding, loving and playing with it. Sure, that's part of it, but with the responsibility of being a pet owner comes the task of also cleaning up after that pet. After looking into those dark brown eyes and seeing that furry face, it can be easy to forget how much of a mess that little four-legged pet can make and getting all the funky stains and smells out can be tricky. But don't worry. From cat pee on the carpet to doggy diarrhea, we're here to help you get it all cleaned up.

Eliminate Lingering Cat Pee Odor

The intense odor cat pee leaves behind can be one of the trickiest things to tackle, especially when you're dealing with fabric or carpet. Avoid ammonia based products, which can make the smell even worse, and whip up this DIY cleaner instead. All you need is vinegar, water and a little elbow grease.

Deodorize A Smelly Dog Bed

The musky smell coming from your buddy's bed might not bother him, but it can quickly take over the entire house if you don't handle it on the regular. This tutorial uses a combination of laundry detergent, vinegar and baking soda to make sure your pups bedding is always fit for a four-legged king (or queen!).

Clean Pet Urine Off the Carpet

Don't you just love coming home from a long day and the first thing you notice when you open the door is the lingering pee smell coming from your living room rug? Whether you're dealing with dog pee or stubborn cat urine, the key is to act fast and be persistent. Removing the smell won't be easy, but it can be done. (Pst! Here's a few extra tips on how to prevent it from happening again.)

Sanitize Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

You wouldn't want to eat your dinner out of a crusty, dirty dish so why should your dog? This helpful tutorial explains that to minimize possible bacterial growth you should clean and sanitize your pet's food and water bowls weekly with either a diluted bleach mixture or a baking soda/salt/water combo. Bon appetite!

Clean A Smelly Fish Tank

Fish can be great low-maintenance pets, but even they require a little TLC once in a while when it comes to cleaning their tank. If you're unsure how to take on such a task, this step-by-step guide will cover everything from identifying the source of the smell to how to prevent it in the future. Your fish will be a school of happy campers when you're done.

Remove Urine Odor from Clothing

You left your favorite sweater on the floor and your pup thought it'd be the perfect spot for his morning wee. Fortunately for you, this handy tutorial will show you how to kick that stench to the curb for good. After you've run the sweater through the wash, let it dry in the sun. Something about those rays really helps to get the last bit of odor out.

Dealing with Dog Poop

Accidents happen and no matter what kind of stinky situation you find yourself in, do your best to clean up as much as you can without rubbing it into the carpet. These two articles walk you through efficiently cleaning those annoying messes when they do happen on the carpet or if you're really lucky, when your dog has diarrhea on the same day too.

Another helpful tip — if you're cleaning a rug, flip it over and clean it from the bottom too. Sometimes the rug may look clean from the top, but there is still a stain (and smell!) hiding underneath.

Remove Pet Urine Smells from Outside

Cleaning up after your pet doesn't stop once they step out of the house. Take care of unpleasant aroma coming from your dog's favorite spots to relieve himself no matter where he chooses to do it with this tutorial (and here's one for cats, too!). From the grass to the driveway — we've got you covered.

Scoop the Litter Box

While scooping the litter box probably isn't your favorite thing, it's just another daily chore when you have a cat. This easy to follow tutorial will give you the run down on the best way to clean and sanitize you cat's litter box each week. It's a crappy job, but someone has to do it.

Dog Pee Problems

If your dog happens to have an accident in the house, hopefully he'll be kind enough to do it somewhere easy enough to clean. These tutorials show you how easy it can be to clean pee from places like your leather chair or the tile floor. It might still be aggravating to deal with, but at least they're both generally painless to handle with things you already have at home like dish soap, vinegar and peroxide.

Pet Hair Everywhere

With pets comes pet hair, and its unique ability to get everywhere. These two articles show you how to clean stubborn pet hair from hard to reach places like underneath the refrigerator and in your car. These things definitely aren't fun, but owning a pet isn't all snuggles and belly rubs.

Protect the Floor From Paw Prints

If your dog always finds the muddiest spot to walk through before coming in the house, then this helpful list of tips is just for you. Start by being proactive. Place heavy duty floor mats both inside and outside the door your dog uses to help trap some of the dirt before it has a chance to get to your floor.