What Is the Cost to Install a Tile Shower?

Installing a tile shower in your bathroom is a great investment in your home. Tile showers are one of the hottest amenities sought after by home buyers. Tile showers also add a considerable amount of décor to your bathroom.

The overall cost to install a tile shower in your bathroom depends on the overall tile shower design.


The cost of tile is one of the biggest chunks of a tile shower budget. Natural stone tiles such as granite, marble, and slate are more expensive than ceramic tile counterparts. In addition, irregular shaped tiles or mosaic tiles can add exquisite decorative flairs to your shower, but such decoration will come with a hefty price tag. A good rule of thumb is that ceramic tile will cost between $1 and $3 per square foot, while natural stone tiles will cost $5 and up per square foot.

Shower Pan

Many contractors and homeowners are under the impression that tiling the floor of a shower is more expensive than installing a builder grade shower pan. The cost of tiling a tile shower floor depends on what type of tile is used in the overall design, but for the most part experts indicate that a tiled shower floor has the potential to be less expensive than a builder grade shower pan. Expect the cost of the floor of your shower to be around $275 to $300 for a standard-sized shower with tile that costs $2.15 per square foot.


Tile shower stalls can be small enough to fit only one person or large enough to fit several people. A larger tile shower will mean it will cost more for materials to create the shower. The layout of your bathroom and how you wish to use your tile shower should be considered in addition to the overall cost.


The features you desire in your shower area will add to the overall cost to install a tile shower. Steam systems, multiple shower heads, and decorative glass doors all add to the overall cost of your project. If you desire these features, it will be easier to install them at the same time you install your shower. Later on you might not be able to add certain features to your tile shower.


Installing your own tile shower can save you a considerable amount of money on the front end of your project. Professional contractors charge from $1,500 and up to install a tile shower. The overall cost charged by a contractor will depend on your shower design and desired features. You can save money and install a tile shower yourself. If you engage in a do-it-yourself project, be sure to take your time and do your research. Mistakes made during a tile shower installation could end up costing more to fix than what it would have cost to hire a professional on the front end.