How to Move a Rolltop Desk

Stephen Lilley

When you move a rolltop desk from one location to another, the unit must be cared for in a very specific way so that it isn't damaged. A rolltop desk has a wide variety of moving parts including the drawers and the actual roll top cover. Any one of these components could be damaged during transportation.

By taking a little extra time before your move, you can care for your desk and make sure it gets from one place to another.

  1. Separate your roll top desk into sections (if applicable). If your roll top desk is a model that comes apart in two pieces (a bottom half and a top half), separate the two sections before attempting to move. This will prevent the desk from coming apart during transportation, which could permanently damage the desk.

  2. Remove all drawers from your rolltop desk. Desk drawers are typically on rollers, which allows them to roll in and out easily. When your rolltop desk is in the back of a moving truck or van, the natural motion the van makes during transportation could cause the drawers to fall out of the desk if they aren't properly removed beforehand.

  3. Secure the rolltop cover on your desk using zip ties or some other type of binding material. This will prevent the rolltop cover from banging around in the back of a truck during transportation, which could damage it. Place your rolltop cover in the "down" position and secure it closed.

  4. Pad the individual pieces of your rolltop desk. Large cloths and blankets should be wrapped around your desk and taped down, especially if the unit is made from high quality wood. This prevents other furniture from banging into the roll top desk and damaging it. This will also help cushion the fall if you happen to drop your rolltop desk during transportation.