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How to Get Chewing Gum Out of a Microfiber Sofa

Alicia Bodine

If you have children, chances are you will end up with some gum stuck to your microfiber couch at some point. Because gum is so sticky, it can be difficult to remove. You want to remove it in a way that will not damage the fibers on your couch.

There are a few items that will work to loosen the gum from the fibers so that it can be easily removed.

  1. Hold an ice cube over the gum on your couch until it becomes hard. The melting ice will not harm the microfiber sofa because it is designed to have water roll right off of it.

  2. Pull the gum off of the couch as soon as it completely hardens. This allows you to remove the gum in one lump instead of trying to pull it off in pieces.

  3. Spray the gum and surrounding area with WD-40 if you were unsuccessful with the ice cube. WD-40 is safe to use on your microfiber couch and is effective at removing sticky items.

  4. Use a rag to grab hold of the glue and remove it from the couch. Continue to use the WD-40 on the gum until you have completely removed it.

  5. Remove the yolk from an egg and keep the white. Place the egg white around the edges of the gum. Let it sit there for five minutes. This is a great method to use if you aren't thrilled at the idea of using WD-40 on your sofa.

  6. Use your fingers to work the gum out of the couch. Carefully slide the egg white under the edges of the gum until it begins to come up. Keep doing this until you get to the center of the gum. Pull the gum the rest of the way off.

  7. Use ammonia to get rid of the gum. Microfiber is made from polyester, which means it is safe to use ammonia. Mix a capful of ammonia with a capful of water and pour it over your gum. Let it sit for five minutes and then work it out with your fingers.


Vinegar can also be used to remove gum from your microfiber couch. It eats away at the gum and helps dissolve it.


Never use bleach to remove the gum. It will alter the color of the fibers in your couch.