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How to Get Chewing Gum Off Dentures

Kaye Wagner

Chewing gum can get stuck to dentures. Because of the smooth texture of dentures, it is generally relatively simple to remove the chewing gum. You can use several methods to remove gum. No matter what the method, be aware that some dentures can be very fragile. Use extreme care when handling them.

Soak dentures to help loosen the gum.

Never use sharp objects to remove gum and do not scrub them vigorously.

  1. Pick off as much of the gum as possible with your fingers. Don’t smear the gum as this will make it harder to remove.

  2. Turn a hair dryer onto medium-high heat if gum residue remains.

  3. Concentrate the hot air over the gum until it is very soft.

  4. Remove the gum residue with your fingers. Use tweezers if the pieces are difficult to remove.

  5. Wedge the back of a spoon in between the gum and the dentures. Press the spoon to scrape the gum off.

  6. Scrape the back of the spoon against the dentures to remove the rest of the gum. Be careful not to scratch the dentures or damage them.

  7. Soak the dentures in distilled white vinegar if the gum residue is still visible. Let them soak for at least five minutes.

  8. Remove the dentures and brush them with a toothbrush to remove the rest of the gum.

  9. Rinse the dentures with clear water.