How to Stop Mattress Sliding

Mattress sliding occurs when the mattress of a bed moves around on top of the bed frame or on the box spring. The sliding can be minimal or it can be drastic with the mattress sliding enough to fall off the frame or box spring.

This can cause damage to the mattress, surrounding furniture and could potentially cause harm to the person in the bed. From minor annoyance to downright dangerous, mattress sliding is a relatively easy problem to fix.

Standard Mattresses

  1. Measure the length and width of your mattress, and write down the measurements.

  2. Purchase a rubber floor mat like the ones found under carpeting or in kitchens that prevent slipping and sliding. Get a size that will fit your particular mattress. Purchase a pad slightly smaller than the mattress dimensions so it won't stick out.

  3. Remove the mattress from the box spring, and place it standing up against a wall. You should have another person help you lift the mattress.

  4. Place the rubber mat on top of the box spring in the center of the box spring. Replace the mattress on top of the box spring.


  1. Purchase grip tape designed for futons specifically. You can find these at furniture stores and online. (See References.)

  2. Measure the length of the futon frame. Unroll the grip tape roll, and use the scissors to cut the tape length slightly shorter than the length of the frame.

  3. Remove the futon mattress, and place it to the side. Carefully remove the backing on the adhesive side of the grip tape, and affix it to the top part of the futon frame. Place the adhesive sticky side face down on the frame. Do this while the frame is in the upright sofa position.

  4. Place another length of grip tape on the bottom part of the futon frame near the outer edge. Smooth out the tape on both sections to ensure it is firmly in place.

  5. Replace the futon mattress, and ensure that it is centered on the frame.


Do not use adhesives on the box spring as this can damage the box spring.