How to Make Square Bar Stool Covers

Emma Lee

No special skills or sewing knowledge are required to turn an outdated bar stool into an attractive addition to a kitchen or family playroom. Your bar stools can go through many seat cover changes throughout the years to accommodate a newly-remodeled room.

Even a novice will find changing the covers on bar stools is a quick and inexpensive solution to a room makeover.

  1. Turn the bar stool upside down and remove the hardware holding the seat to the frame. Use a screwdriver to remove screws and place aside to use to reattach the seat.

  2. Remove the old seat cover and keep as a pattern. Use a screwdriver to remove the staples holding the cover to the seat.

  3. Place the old pattern over the new fabric. If the new fabric has a design, position the pattern to get the best look on the seat. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

  4. Replace old padding, if necessary, with padding of the same thickness. Use craft glue to attach the new padding and allow the glue to dry before adding the fabric. Read the label for drying time.

  5. Place the new fabric on a hard surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Position the seat over the fabric.

  6. Grasp one corner of the front fabric at the point and pull diagonally to the underside of the seat and staple to the seat. Repeat with the second corner. Pull the fabric between the corners to the back of the seat and staple every 2 or 3 inches between the corners to secure.

  7. Repeat the method with the back of the seat to attach the corners and the fabric between the corners. Keep the fabric snug.

  8. Finish the sides of the seat in the same manner as the front and back of the stool.

  9. Attach the seat to the bar stool, using the original hardware and screws.


Choose a sturdy fabric to cover the bar stool.