How to Tune Up a Troy Bilt Weed Eater

Mark O'Brien

A Troy-Bilt weed eater comes in very handy for cutting down rough terrain areas that you can't access with a mower or for trimming around a freshly mowed lawn. Each season, you should tune up the small engine on the Troy-Bilt weed eater to increase the lifespan of the machine.

A lot of dirty and debris can clog the air filter. Also, carbon and burned gas buildup can ruin spark plugs. The carburetor will also need cleaning, as gas gums up in it after a season.

  1. Unscrew the air filter cover from the side of the engine with the screwdriver. Replace the old, dirty filter with a new one and tighten the cover back on.

  2. Pull the spark plug cap off of the spark plug on the front of the engine.

  3. Unscrew the spark plug with a deep 9/16-inch socket. Finger tighten in a new spark plug. Tighten it with the foot-pound wrench with the same socket until the meter on the foot-pound wrench reads 15 ft-lbs. Push the spark plug cap back on.

  4. Locate the gas tank and follow the gas hose under it to the side of the carburetor.

  5. Unscrew the bolt under the carburetor with the proper sized socket.

  6. Pull off the fuel bowl that was held on by the bolt. Spray carb cleaner into the fuel bowl and valves above the bowl. Tighten the bowl back on.