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How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Energy Star Air Conditioner

Elizabeth Grace

Kenmore Energy Star air conditioners are sold by Sears. The air conditioner, which mounts in your home's window, has many extra features--which means there are also extra opportunities for things to go wrong.

You can troubleshoot your Kenmore air conditioner.

Before you call Sears to have a Kenmore technician come out for a service call, try these common troubleshooting techniques.

  1. Clean the condenser coil on the outside of your air conditioner if its compressor turns off before the room is completely cooled down. Vacuum the condenser coil with a brush attachment to ensure that dirt and debris don't clog the condenser and keep it from functioning properly.

  2. Move any furniture or curtains away from the airflow path of the air conditioner to ensure that it functions efficiently.

  3. Install the air conditioner in a window that does not receive direct sunlight if your air conditioner is not cooling properly.

  4. Remove frost on your air conditioner's coils by taking the turning the air conditioner off and unplugging it. Remove the filters and wash them in warm water. After the filters dry, replace them. Defrost any remaining ice on the coils by setting the mode to "Fan" and the speed to "High."

  5. Prevent water from dripping inside by ensuring that the drain hole is unplugged. If the drain hole is unplugged and water is still dripping inside, raise the front of the unit inside the house a quarter inch so that the water drains to the back.


Wait five minutes to restart your air conditioner after turning it off or after losing power, or the temperature overload protector will shut off the compressor temporarily, causing the air conditioner to stop working.


Do not use an extension cord with your Kenmore air conditioner, as it can cause a fire.