How to Build a Propane Grill

Pauline Gill

Even with many propane gas grills on the market, you may want to construct your own. Many grills still flare up and burn food. Some are too large for grilling for one or two people. You can easily construct a compact gas grill that will cook a first-rate meal without burning it.



Coat the grill grid with cooking oil to keep food from sticking. Use your metal cooking tongs to remove the cover by its screw


As with all grills, never use leaking or defective grill equipment.

With a few items you have on hand or some inexpensive purchased items, you can build your own propane gas grill.

  1. Remove the stainless steel burner and regulator/orifice module from your tabletop gas grill.

  2. Turn the pot upside down and pencil a concentric circle on the bottom, about an inch in from the outer circumference of the pot. Drill six equally spaced 1-inch diameter holes in the bottom of the pot at the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o'clock positions on the circle, using a 1 inch bi-metallic hole saw in your electric drill.

  3. Drill another 1-inch diameter hole in the side of the still-inverted pot about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom. Drill three ¼-inch holes on the bottom circle at the 1, 5, and 9 o'clock positions. Drill two more ¼-inch holes in the side of the pot one-and-one-half inches apart opposite the single side one-inch hole . Turn pot right side up and drill three more ¼-inch holes at 120-degree intervals one inch down from the top edge of the pot. Insert from the outside the stainless steel screws through all five holes in the side of the pot. Secure each with a ¼ inch by 20-inch stainless steel nut on the inside.

  4. Drill a single ¼-inch hole in the bottom of the stainless bowl. Insert a screw with the first nut ¼-inch from the end. Thread the second nut from inside and tighten the nuts together.

  5. Thread nuts exactly one-and-one-half an inches onto the remaining three screws and insert into the three 1/4 inch holes on the bottom of the pot. Thread remaining three nuts onto these screws from the inside and tighten the nuts together. Adjust nuts until all three screws protrude from the bottom of the pot about 3/4 of an inch. Stand grill on these screws inside old baking pan or foil pan.

  6. Perforated Grid
  7. Insert the burner tube from inside the pot through the one-inch hole and set the burner's wide end on top of two bottom screws. Invert the flavorizer bar on top of the burner. Place grill grate on top of the three top screws.