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How to Cover an Outdoor Refrigerator

Bonnie Conrad

Having a refrigerator on your patio or deck makes summer barbecues and backyard entertaining easier, but it can be difficult to find a spot inside your home to stash that outdoor fridge. When the summer ends and the cold weather starts, you need to protect that outdoor refrigerator properly.

Choose the right size cover for your fridge.

Covering your outdoor refrigerator properly is the best way to ensure it will be ready for next summer's activities.

  1. Measure the height and width of the outdoor refrigerator. Purchase a vinyl or canvas refrigerator cover with those dimensions.

  2. Roll up the power cord as tightly as you can. Use zip ties to bind the cord together and keep it in place.

  3. Stand in front of the refrigerator with the cover in your hand. It is helpful to have a friend help you put the cover on.

  4. Pull the cover open and slide it onto the corner of the refrigerator farthest from you. Slide the cover over the next corner, and pull it down slightly. If you have a friend available, you can pull down one corner while your friend pulls down the other.

  5. Slide the refrigerator cover over the other two corners. Pull the cover down slowly until the entire refrigerator is covered. Tie and secure the power cord properly, and place it firmly underneath the cover.

  6. Move the covered outdoor refrigerator under a roof or overhang if you can. The cover will protect the refrigerator from the elements, but it is still important to keep the appliance away from moisture as much as possible.