How to Find Kenmore Refrigerator Specs

Ann Frederick

Shoppers in the market for a Kenmore refrigerator had more than 125 models to choose from in November 2010. Specifications such as capacity, height, width and depth can help consumers choose the refrigerator that will fit best in their kitchen.

These specs are available on three websites that sell Kenmore refrigerators.

  1. Go to the Kenmore home page, and use the “Kitchen” heading to navigate to the refrigerator listings. Information available under the “Specifications” tab on each appliance’s web page includes how many shelves the refrigerator has, whether it includes an ice-maker, and how much electricity you can expect it to use per year.

  2. Visit the Kmart home page, and use the “Appliances” menu to find the site’s refrigerator listings. After narrowing the listings by brand to see Kenmore refrigerators, you can find Kenmore dimensions via the “Specifications” link below each model’s photograph. The product’s capacity is included in the page title, and additional Kenmore specs may be found in the product description.

  3. Navigate to the Sears home page, and use the “Appliances” menu to see a list of available refrigerators. After choosing Kenmore as your brand, you’ll find the refrigerator capacities listed in the page titles. The Kenmore product description section contains some specifications, and you’ll find other details under the “Specifications” heading.