Stackable Washing Machine Repair Guide

Lacy Enderson

Stackable washers and dryers are ideal for those who have a limited amount of space. Just as with full-sized washers and dryers, stackable machines also break down. Finding out what the trouble is and repairing the problem is easy as long as certain repair instructions are available.

Stackable Washing Machine Repair Guide
  1. If the machine shakes excessively, check to see if the suspension dampers on your stackable washing machine are damaged. Replace them if they have.

  2. Make sure your washing machine isn't overloaded if your machine presents with an "LE" error code. A large amount of laundry can put a strain on the motor, causing it to lock up. Remove some of the clothes, and resume washing.

  3. Let the washing machine cool down for 30 minutes if your machine has an excessive amount of suds and causes an "LE" error code. Run the rinse cycle and then a spin, before restarting the wash cycle.

  4. Use less soap if your stackable washing machine develops an unpleasant odor. Laundry detergent and fabric softener can build up overtime causing a bad smell. Run a few cycles with hot water and bleach. Once a cycle runs clean with no bubbles, you know the soap has cleared out.

  5. Check the pressure switch or the small hose connecting to the pressure switch to determine if they are bad. This would cause the machine to turn off automatically after filling up. Replace parts if they are defective.


Unplug your washing machine, and turn off the water supply before beginning any service. Check the hose on your stackable washing machine to rule out any holes made by small animals like mice.


Before calling the repairman, review the different parts of the washing machine to determine if any are defective or broken.