How to Troubleshoot & Repair a Top-Load Maytag

Chad Buleen

Before you can repair the problems your Maytag top-load washing machine is experiencing, you first must understand what is causing the problems. According to Maytag, much of the work that goes into fixing a Maytag washer does not require an extensive knowledge of how the appliance works.

By troubleshooting the problems with your washer by yourself, you can save the expense of using a professional technician.

  1. Place a level on top of the washer if the washer vibrates when in operation. If the washer is not level, place a wood block under the front of the appliance and adjust the leveling feet. Turn the feet clockwise to make them shorter and counterclockwise to lengthen them.

  2. Empty the pockets of items before washing them. Small items, such as coins and paper clips, could fall from pockets as clothing is being washed and cause noise. Remember that some metallic clanking noise is normal if you are washing a load with buttons or zippers on the clothing.

  3. Remove the fill hoses from the rear of the washer and use a toothpick to clear debris from the filters at the connection if there doesn't seem to be enough water getting to the washer. Screw the hoses back into place and turn the washer back on.

  4. Turn on both the hot and cold water valves. Turn the valve handles clockwise to open up the valves.

  5. Use only HE detergent if the washer calls for HE detergent. Failing to use HE detergent can cause extra suds to form. The more suds that form, the more likely the washer will have difficulty draining the water inside it.

  6. Remove some of the items from the washer if it is tightly packed. A tightly packed washer is prone to becoming unbalanced. If it becomes unbalanced, the washer will not spin as it should.