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How to Identify a Ridgeway Clock

James Andrews

Ridgeway has been making grandfather clocks since 1960 and also produces wall and mantel clocks. The Michigan-based company's grandfather clocks come in three general styles that are categorized as: Traditional, Curio and Accent.

Grandfather clocks are popular family heirlooms.

Traditional Ridgeway clocks display the elegance of years gone by, with tall and stylish hand-carved wooden cases and swan's necks that complement the beautiful metal dials and pendulums. Curio clocks are wider and have several glass shelves that can be used to display other precious items, such as family mementos and gifts. Ridgeway Accent clocks feature a more modern look, with narrow metal cases and no pendulums.

  1. Look closely at the Ridgeway clock you own, or wish to buy, in order to identify which of the three categories outlined in the introduction covers your particular model. There is a noticeable difference, for example, between the company's Traditional clocks and Accent clocks, with the former featuring heavy, wooden cases and large pendulums, and the latter, narrow metal casings and small clock faces.

  2. Check all documentation relating to the clock in order to identify its model name and out more about its history. In addition, examine the back of the clock to find its serial number.

  3. Take photos of the clock you wish to identify, and then visit the Ridgeway website (see Resources) and browse the picture gallery of its grandfather clocks, as well as wall and mantel clocks.

  4. Compare your clock with those shown, and click on the image that best matches your clock to see more detailed information.


According to Ridgeway's owner's guide, people valuing a clock for insurance purposes should add around 5 percent per year to the purchase price. Ridgeway customers can order a unique Family Scroll Legacy that allows them to preserve their thoughts and photos on a scroll that fits inside a special brass-finished capsule. Phone your local authorized Ridgeway dealer should you need to report a fault or order a spare part. A useful search tool for locating an authorized dealer is provided on the Ridgeway website.