How to Paint Chicken Wire

Nannette Richford

Chicken wire used in crafts creates a distinctive rustic element to any room. Used to cover lampshades, for cabinet doors or in shadow boxes, chicken wire is inexpensive and versatile. Best of all, it is easily molded to fit the contours of any object.

Generally, the wire is left in its natural state and brightly colored objects or fabrics are added to create a splash of color.

  1. Cut chicken wire to the desired dimensions with a pair of wire cutters. Wear gloves when working with wire, as the edges are sharp and can easily puncture sensitive skin on the hands.

  2. Cover your work area with old newspapers or a disposable tablecloth for ease of cleanup. Place the chicken wire on the table in front of you. Work in a well-ventilated area that is free of dust. Open windows if necessary to create air flow.

  3. Select spray paint in the color of your choice. Black or white are excellent choices as they create striking contrast with other colors, but any color is fine.

  4. Spray the chicken wire with a light even coat of paint following the directions on the can. Turn the wire and spray the back in the same manner.

  5. Allow the chicken wire to dry completely, and use in any craft project calling for chicken wire.