How to Measure a Bedspread

Janet Beal

Whether you plan to sew or purchase a new bedspread, the success of your new look depends on correct measuring. Recent fashions in mattress design have made changes in bedding standards, and one can no longer assume that every bedspread fits every bed.

Measured dimensions need to include length, width and height of your mattress, as well as the distance from the top of the mattress to the floor. The style of your bed will also influence your choice of bedspread.

  1. Measure the basic dimensions of your bed. This means the length and width of your mattress, plus the distance from the top of the mattress to the floor. Especially with a large bed, a helper to hold one end of the measuring tape can make your work quicker. Write down your measurements; once in the store, it's easy to forget them.

  2. Decide on how much coverage you want from your bedspread. For some, full-length is the only way to go. Be sure to include the drop from mattress top to the floor on all three sides of your bed if you want full-length coverage. Add extra length (3 to 6 inches) if you plan to tuck bed pillows under your spread.

  3. Allow for a foot board or bedposts in your calculations. You may want your spread full length on the sides and short enough to tuck in at the bottom, or you may want a spread that is slit on the corners to accommodate posts.

  4. Factor in alterations if the bedspread you absolutely must have does not quite fit your bed. A beautiful, too-long bargain may be worth the cost of hemming. A slightly short spread may merit purchase of a bed skirt to complete a to-the-floor look. Be flexible about alternatives and consider the overall look of the spread if you need to make adjustments.


Avoid bedspreads merely labeled twin, double, queen- or king-sized. Look for exact dimensions, expressed in inches, to ensure the fit you need.


Unless your spread is of plain or small overall patterned fabric, alterations of more than 6 inches per side may adversely affect the scale of a bedspread pattern to the bed, making it look too large or incomplete.