How to Decorate Your Pop-Up Camper

Sidney Johns

The right materials turn an old or plain pop-up camper into a decorative home away from home. For the outdoor enthusiast, a pop-up camper acts as a hotel in the great outdoors. The design of the unit allows the top half to be lowered for transport.

The decor of a pop-up camper should suit the occupants.

This convenient design also makes interior decorating for the camper difficult. Pictures do not hang well on collapsible walls. With a few tools and a bit of creativity, even the oldest or plainest of pop-up campers can feel like home.


Decide on a theme before beginning the decorating process. Stick to the theme when selecting the fabric, paint, curtains and pillows.


Loose items, such as pillows, need to be packed prior to transporting the camper.

  1. Hang curtains. A basic decoration for a pop-up camper is curtains. Hang matching curtains on all the windows. These will not be affected by the top coming down.

  2. Add fabric to the interior pop-up walls. In lieu of wallpaper which will ruin when crumpled, use a light, decorative cotton fabric. Cut the fabric to fit the wall space. Glue to the wall with epoxy glue at the top, around the edges and the bottom to hold in place. The fabric will act as wallpaper and will collapse with the wall without damage.

  3. Paint the cabinets. While hanging pictures on the walls is not possible, painting decorative scenes on the cabinets is. Use stencils and oil-based paint to create a mural or just add decoration.

  4. Lay throw rugs on the floor. Carpet may become musty or ruined during camping outings. Pick throw rugs to match the wall and cabinet colors. Place in the walkways and any open spaces.

  5. Place decorative pillows on seats and ledges. Colorful pillows will add to the decor and comfort of those occupying the camper.