How to Install Curtain Rods Over Blinds

Lillian Downey

Blinds are great for privacy and light control, but they don't always mesh well with the decor of your home. Traditional curtain rods aren't big enough to hang over blinds so special steps are needed to overcome this size gap. Luckily, there are two kinds of curtain hardware designed to fit over your blinds.

Install Curtain Rods Over Blinds

Installing them involves little more effort and difficulty that installing regular curtain rods.


Make sure to hang the hardware high enough so that you cannot see your blinds.

  1. Purchase the right curtain hardware. You have some choice here. You can either get telescoping hardware, which means you can adjust the length the hardware protrudes from the wall, or you can measure precisely and purchase curtain rods with extra long sides. You may also have to buy supports, which are hardware pieces that attach to the wall and hold your curtain rod up at the middle.

  2. Use a light pencil mark to indicate where the screws for the hardware will go into the wall. Depending on what type of materials your walls are made from, you might need to pre-drill holes for your hardware's screws or install drywall anchors.

  3. Attach the telescoping hardware or the elongated rod hardware to the wall using the screws provided. Gently tug on the hardware to make sure is it firmly attached to the wall. If you are using a center support, attach that to the wall as well, directly in the center of your window.

  4. Gently adjust the rods and hardware to the proper lengths. Attach your curtain rod to be sure everything fits and is sturdy before hanging the curtains. This is your test run, so that adjustments can be made before the curtains are hung.

  5. Put the curtains on the rod and attach them to the hardware you installed.