How to Hang Pictures on Vinyl Siding

Kimberly Johnson

Vinyl siding is a durable exterior covering for homes and buildings that resists dirt and mildew. If you have vinyl siding and want to hang pictures on it, such as near a patio or porch area, you need the proper hooks.

These special hooks attach to the siding without damaging it or allowing rainwater in, which can damage the home.

  1. Examine the vinyl siding to locate the approximate location of where you want to hang the picture. To center the picture, measure the length of the wall with a tape measure and divide the measurement by two.

  2. Hold the picture up to the wall to ensure you like the placement and use a pencil to draw a small mark on the siding directly above the picture. Set the picture aside.

  3. Pick up a vinyl siding hook, which is metal with a small hook at the top and a larger one at the bottom. Hold the smaller hook at the top facing toward you and slide it up to the top of the siding board where you made the pencil mark.

  4. Push upward on the hook while wiggling it from side to side to push the smaller hook up under the closest piece of siding. When you've positioned it properly, you will hear and feel a click. If needed, tap the bottom of the hook gently with a hammer to help push it under the siding.

  5. Locate the hanging loop on the back of the picture and place it over the large hook at the bottom of the vinyl siding hook.