How to Troubleshoot Leisure Bay Spas

Chris Waller

The Leisure Bay Spa company makes hot tubs and spas for installation and use in your home, but like any item you may purchase and use on your own, you may occasionally have trouble getting the spa to work properly. On the control panel that you will use to adjust the temperature and jets of the spa is a small display.

If you see an error code on this display, you can troubleshoot the problem with ease.

  1. Turn on the spa and let it run for two minutes if you see two blanks on the display screen where the temperature is normally displayed. The spa will display the temperature after it has been running for a few minutes. If you still don't see the temperature after several minutes, you may need to contact a technician for service.

  2. Do not get into the spa if you see "HH" or "OH" on the display screen instead of the temperature. These warnings indicate that the temperature of the water has reached over 110 degrees and is not safe. Pull the cover off of the spa and let the water cool for several minutes. When the water has cooled, press any button to reset the sensors and you will see the temperature again. If the water does not cool, you will need to contact a technician.

  3. Turn the spa on and let it run for a few minutes if you see the "IC" warning indicator on the display screen. This means that ice may have built up in the spa, preventing the water from warming up properly. Let the spa run and the "IC" warning will disappear and be replaced by the temperature.

  4. Check the water level in the spa if you see "HL," "dR" or "dY" messages on the screen. These messages indicate that there is not enough water in the spa for it to operate properly. Add water with a garden hose if the level is low and run the spa as normal. If the water level continues to decrease or if the error messages do not go away when you add water, a hardware problem may be present.