How to Troubleshoot Remotes for Garage Door Openers

Remote controls for garage door openers fail from time to time. Most problems with remote controls are either bad batteries or the erasure of the remote code within the opener. Do some troubleshooting to see if the remote control is the problem or if the issue is within the door opener.

You will be able to correct most remote control issues simply by making an adjustment.

  1. Point the remote control directly toward the door. Sometimes if the remote is not pointing directly to the door, outside radio signal will interrupt the remote.

  2. Test the opener by attempting to use the wall push button to open or close the garage door. If the opener does not work from the wall control, try adjusting the photo eyes at the bottom of the door track. The photo eyes have small LED lights on the back that should be lit. If they are not, adjust the photo eye on one side by bending the bracket until both LED lights illuminate.

  3. Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote control. The cover will either slide off with your thumb or have a single screw securing the cover. Remove the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  4. Pull the battery out of the remote control and place a new battery in the control. Place the battery cover back on the remote control. Test the door remote with the opener. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to rest the remote to the opener.

  5. Place a stepladder under the garage door opener motor. Find the “Learn” button on the rear of the opener motor. There will be a small LED light next to the “Learn” button. Most “Learn” buttons will be near the up-and-down force adjustment screws.

  6. Press the "Learn" button with your finger until the LED light flashes. Press the remote control, and the lights on the opener will flash on and off and then finally to off. Test the remote control.


Replace the remote control if none of these steps correct the remote control and the opener works by the push button. Call a service professional if the opener does not work by either the push button or the remote.