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How to Remove a Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Kenneth Crawford

There may come a time when you must remove your Crafstman garage door opener. Whether it is to replace it with a new one or to remove it to make an addition, the do-it-yourself homeowner can handle the project with the help of a friend. To remove a Craftsman garage door opener is easy if you know a few tricks.

  1. Raise the garage door using the opener wall button. Unplug the Craftsman garage door opener from the wall socket.

  2. Place vise grips under the bottom roller of the garage door by attaching them to the tracks on both sides.

  3. With a 9/16-inch socket wrench and a 9/16-inch box wrench, remove the opener control arm from the garage door.

  4. Set an 8-foot stepladder under the Craftsman garage door opener motor. Remove all the wires connected to the back of the motor for the wall button and electric eyes. You will need a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the connectors.

  5. Loosen the motor from the support bracket attached to the ceiling with your socket wrench and box wrench. Do not take it completely out yet.

  6. With the bolts loose, grab the underside of the motor with one hand while taking the bolts completely out with the other hand. Gently allow the opener to rest on the garage door.

  7. Position the ladder directly under the Craftsman motor head. Have you helper slowly close the garage door while you hold the motor up. Your helper will need to remove the vise grips first. When she is removing the vise grips, she should hold the door up in case there is not enough tension on the springs. This will keep the door from slamming down. When the door is closed, you can set the motor head on the ladder.

  8. Step down from the ladder and grab the opener while your helper moves the ladder away. Set the motor on the garage floor.

  9. Move your ladder to the garage door and remove the pin that holds the door opener track to the wall bracket.