How to Clean the Oven Door in a Self-Cleaning Oven

Kelsey Childress

Your oven sees its fair share of work cooking delicious roasts and pies, but generally gets less regular cleaning than dishes and counter tops. If you notice that it is time to clean your oven door due to splashes and accumulated grease, you may feel you have an overwhelming task in front of you.

In reality, it is fairly simple and stress-free to clean the oven door. Because you are already cleaning the over door, cleaning the rest of the oven will only take a few more minutes of your time.

  1. Remove everything from inside the oven that is not permanently attached. Do not forget the racks, broiler pan and any foil liner.

  2. By hand, clean the outside of each wall, the floor, the sides and door edges. Be sure to stay away from the gaskets. You will be able to clean the gaskets shortly in the following steps. Try to use the mildest cleaning solution you can. For example, you can use plain water, diluted solution of water and dishwashing liquid, all-purpose household cleaner spray, or a degreaser.

  3. Now clean the inside sides, top, and bottom of the oven door using a degreaser or your other chosen cleaner. Focus your attention on cleaning deep down on the parts that will not be heated during the cleaning cycle. Again try to avoid cleaning the gaskets.

  4. Next, clean the gaskets with a previously unused damp rag. Be sure to clean the gaskets very carefully and slowly. Afterward, use the same rag to clean loose dirt from the bottom of the oven that may have fallen during gasket cleaning or previous steps.

  5. On your oven control panel, engage the self-cleaning option. Do not forget to check to see if the door is locked by pulling lightly on the door handle. The door should always be securely locked during a self-cleaning cycle for safety reasons.

  6. Once the control panel indicates it is finished with the cleaning process, press “off” or “cancel” to turn everything off.

  7. Clean the insides of the window with a window cleaner, along with any additional loose dirt from the bottom of the oven that may have fallen during the cleaning process.


It is also helpful to use a steel wool sponge if you are not getting the results you desire.