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How to Use a GE Profile Self Cleaning Oven

Tammy Dahlvang

GE Profile self cleaning ovens are attractive double-ovens with 27 to 30-inch cabinet widths. They are available in bisque, black, stainless steel and white finishes. The ovens offer the consumer Advantium and Convection cooking technologies. They are also ADA Compliant, and can be set in certified sabbath mode. GE Profile ovens contain an oven meat probe, and can be used to proof dough. Best of all, both the upper and lower ovens clean themselves, requiring a minimum of effort on your part to maintain their distinctive appearance.

You can focus on the baking (or the eating) and let your GE Profile self cleaning oven clean itself.

Step 1

Open the window and turn on the oven fan to vent the kitchen. Smoke and a singed-air scent will linger in the kitchen unless there is adequate ventilation.

Step 2

Remove the oven racks if they are shiny metal. If they are porcelain, they will not be affected by the heat of the GE Profile self-cleaning oven. You may leave them in the oven while you clean it.

Step 3

Place the oven racks in a sink or tub filled with hot, soapy water. Let them soak until the grime has been softened. Scrub the oven racks clean using steel wool pads.

Step 4

Wipe the front of the oven door with a soapy scrub sponge to remove any fingerprints, debris or baked-on food.

Step 5

Rinse and dry the door.

Step 6

Wipe up any large spillovers on the bottom of the oven's interior using a rag or a paper towel.

Step 7

Check the oven light to make sure the light bulb cover is intact and the light is turned off.

Step 8

Touch the HI/LO pad once for a 3-hour clean and twice for a 5-hour clean. Use the 3-hour clean for cleaning small contained spills. Set the oven to clean for 5 hours if the oven is extremely dirty.

Step 9

Touch the "DELAY START" pad to delay the cleaning cycle. Use the key pad to enter the time of day that you want the cleaning cycle to start.

Step 10

Touch the "START" pad. The upper and lower oven doors will lock automatically, and the remaining time left in the cleaning cycle will be displayed. You will not be able to open the oven doors until the cleaning cycle is over and the oven is cool.

Step 11

Open the doors after "LOCKED" goes off in the control display.

Step 12

Wipe up any white ash residue in your oven with a damp rag.