How to Clean a Caloric Self-Cleaning Oven

Katie Leigh

Caloric self-cleaning ovens have a built-in cleaning system that uses high temperatures to burn off all messes in the appliance. However, as with the majority of self-cleaning ovens, this means that oven-cleaning products cannot be used in them. Setting up the self-cleaning process is quite simple on a Caloric oven.

After the oven begins the self-cleaning cycle, it doesn't need additional monitoring or assistance.

  1. Make sure everything is removed from the Caloric oven, including the oven racks and broiler pan. Take all of the pots and pans out of the lower storage drawer, if necessary.

  2. Shift the oven's locking lever as far to the right as it will go, tugging on the door to make sure it's firmly latched. The self-cleaning system will not operate if the door is unlocked.

  3. Set the clock on the range to the correct time if your oven has an automatic oven timer. If the oven does not have an automatic timer, the model's cleaning cycle is preset to two and a half hours. Skip to Step 4 if this is the case.

  4. Set the start and stop times on the timer by pressing in on the knobs on each of the clocks. The minimum amount of time required for a self-cleaning cycle on a Caloric oven is one and a half hours; the maximum amount of time is three hours.

  5. Turn the oven setting dial to "Clean." Set the temperature-setting dial to "Clean," if possible; if the oven doesn't have that temperature setting, set that dial to "Off." A light indicating that the oven is self-cleaning will be visible on the oven's range display during the process.

  6. Allow the oven to operate undisturbed while self-cleaning. Do not tug on the door or attempt to unlock the oven until after the cleaning light switches off and the door feels cool to the touch.