How to Clean My Bissell SpotBot

Irene A. Blake

The Bissell SpotBot is a 19-lb., portable carpet, upholstery and stairs deep cleaner. You can use its flexible hose and attachment to manually clean or turn on the automatic spiral cleaning brush to clean an area hands-free. Cleaning your Bissell SpotBot doesn’t require any special tools.

You simply need to rinse dirt and debris from the flex hose and attachment, 15-oz. collection tank, exterior and spiral brush if applicable as well as empty the clean tank as needed.


Never use harsh or abrasive cleansers or cleaning tools on your SpotBot.

  1. Fill a small container with clean water or turn on the tap water. Suck some of the water up in the flex hose to clear dirt and debris from the hose interior and the attachment.

  2. Turn off and unplug your Bissell SpotBot deep cleaner. Wrap the 16-foot electric cord around the cord wrap.

  3. Press in on the button that locks the attachment to the hose, pull the attachment from the hose, rinse it again with warm water and then set it aside to air-dry. If the attachment has hair or other debris blocking it, remove this debris. If the attachment sucked up pet or other waste material, wash it thoroughly with any solution remaining in the clean tank or mild detergent, rinse it again and then set it aside to air-dry.

  4. Pick up the flex hose. Extend it perpendicular to the cleaner to drain any water still in it into the collection tank.

  5. Unlatch the collection tank and remove it from your cleaner. Empty it, rinse it thoroughly with hot water, check the black valve for debris and remove any your find. Set the tank aside to dry out.

  6. Remove and empty the clean tank if you plan to store the cleaner for a long time. Set the tank aside uncapped to dry out. If you have a lot of solution in the tank, leave it on the cleaner.

  7. Wipe the exterior of your cleaner with a damp cloth. If the exterior has stains, apply two drops of detergent to the cloth and rub the stains away. Rinse the exterior with a fresh damp cloth and then wipe it dry.

  8. Pull any hair or other debris from the hands-free cleaning brush if necessary and then wipe the hands-free cleaning brush window and brush with a damp cloth if wet or dirty.

  9. Reassemble your SpotBot deep cleaner.