How to Make a Machine Oil Substitute

How to Make a Machine Oil Substitute. If it's after store hours and you suddenly need machine oil for your sewing machine only to find out that there is none in the house, you don't need to worry. You can make a good machine oil substitute with other materials that you may already have.

The quality of the machine oil will rival the best in the store. You may find that the substitute becomes your primary oil.


Substitute rapeseed oil if you don't have any mineral oil on hand. The oil works, but mineral oil creates a better product.


When mixing the ingredients, stay in a well ventilated area. Keep this and all substances to make the machine oil away from children. Inhalation of mineral oil into the lungs can cause pneumonia.

  1. Check the garage for kerosene and 20 SAE motor oil. Make certain the ingredients have no debris in them and are clean. To insure this, wipe the lid off prior to opening.

  2. Look in the cupboards for mineral oil. You may recognize this as the oil you take as a laxative.

  3. Add two parts mineral oil to one part of kerosene for every two parts of SAE motor oil. For example, to make a small batch for immediate use, mix 2 tsp. mineral oil, 2 tsp. motor oil and 1 tsp. kerosene.

  4. Use this all the time and not just as a substitute. It's just as good as machine oil and costs only pennies.