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How to Install an Umbra Loft Drapery Rod

Lisa Wampler

Umbra Loft drapery rods are made of different metals such as wrought iron, aluminum or brass. They typically have large ball ends that give the rod a classic feel.

Although the brackets used to hang your particular Umbra Loft drapery rod might differ from the next, you will discover that the process of installing the rod will be the same, no matter what type of rod you have.

  1. Tape a piece of paper in the upper left corner directly above the left side and right side of the window. If your rod requires a center support bracket, tape a piece of paper above the head rail in the center of the window. Using the paper will keep you from marking up the wall.

  2. Measure down from the ceiling, and select a spot on the left side of the window that rests approximately 4 to 6 inches above the top of the window frame. Put a mark on the paper.

  3. Measure down from the ceiling the same distance on the right side of the window and make a mark on that piece of paper.

  4. Place the rod against the wall and line up the top edge of the rod against the marks you placed on the tape. Trace across the top edge of the rod.

  5. Center the rod over the window. Measure from each end of the rod to the side of the window casing.

  6. Mark each end of the rod on the paper, and then draw a line across the pieces of paper, using the top of the rod as your straightedge.

  7. Measure inward approximately 3 to 5 inches from the marks you placed on the wall to indicate the end of the rod.

  8. Place the mounting brackets on the wall and then secure them to the wall, using the supplied screws and screwdriver. If necessary, use a hand drill to drill pilot holes for the screws. Right before you completely tighten the brackets, pull the paper off the wall.

  9. Measure the distance between the brackets and find the center line. Place the middle support bracket on the center line and secure it to the wall. If your rod does not have a center bracket, skip this step.

  10. Place the rod over the mounting brackets and secure it in place.