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How to Clean Pottery Barn Wool Rugs

Kathryn Hatter

The Pottery Barn line of home decor appeals to people with a variety of home decorating tastes. Pottery Barn sells distinctive lines of furniture, bedding, rugs, window coverings, bath accessories, lighting and other home decor both for children and adults.

If you purchase a wool rug from Pottery Barn, follow the the company's recommendations for cleaning them. With their sensitive wool fibers and the colors of the rugs, using proper cleaning techniques will keep these rugs vibrantly beautiful for years.

  1. Set the vacuum cleaner to operate without the beater bar rotating, if possible. If this is not possible, use the vacuum attachments to vacuum the wool rug. Run the vacuum cleaner or the attachments over the surface of the rug to remove dust and dirt.

  2. Saturate the cotton cleaning cloth with cool water if a stain occurs. Blot the stain with the cloth to remove it from the rug. Continue blotting the stain, shifting the cloth around to always use a clean area of the cloth on the rug, until you remove the stain completely.

  3. Take the wool rug to a professional rug cleaner or have the rug cleaner come to your home to clean the Pottery Barn wool rug periodically.


Pottery Barn does not recommend dry cleaning its wool rugs. Pottery Barn does not endorse the use of any commercial cleaning products for use in cleaning its wool rugs. Use of these products may damage your wool rug.