How Often Should You Clean Your Shower?

Cleaning your shower is a rather tedious task at times because of all the dirt, grime and mildew that accumulates. Shower mildew and grime is hard – sometimes even impossible -- to remove, especially if you don’t clean your shower as often as recommended.

Cleaning your shower regularly keeps it clean of mineral deposits.

If you don’t appropriately care for your shower glass, mineral deposits can give the glass an opaque or cloudy look. The type of shower cleaner you use and the frequency of cleaning depends on the type of water you have in your home.

After Each Use

Adding one more step to your shower routine should be easy to remember. For homes with soft water, cleaning after every use is a necessity. With soft water, you can easily remove water spots with soap and water. Any shower cleaner is acceptable to perform this job. Have the cleaner handy so that you remember to spray it down after each use. Once you have sprayed the shower, wipe it down with a soft cloth to keep mineral deposits from etching the shower glass.


If your household water supply consists of hard water with dissolved silica, you don’t have to clean your shower after every use. You need to clean it once a week – or approximately after 10 showers – with a mild abrasive. The abrasive is necessary because hard water with silica requires a mild abrasive to remove the water spots. If your water supply has high volumes of silica, use a squeegee in conjunction with your shower cleaner.

Every Two Weeks

For hard water users, shower glass manufacturers recommend you clean your shower every other week – or after approximately every 15 showers. You can remove hard water spots with vinegar, which is an ingredient in any acidic glass cleaner. You can also create your own solution of half water and half vinegar. You should use a squeegee to remove any additional water spots that present after you use your shower cleaner and a soft cloth.


No matter how often you clean your shower, deep clean the area at least once a month. If you simply spray and wipe down your shower after every use, you may miss the dirt in the corners of the shower. Each month, you need to spray and wipe the entire shower down, taking time to pay attention to the details. Wipe around and clean all the corners and around any items you may have stationed inside the shower, including a shower caddy or children’s toys.