How to Clean a Dining Room

How to Clean a Dining Room. A dining room is where aesthetics meet enticement. Your dining area should have an appealing feel to it and should also be clean and organized, so that your guests or even family members can focus on eating and having a generally good time.

  1. Start by organizing the dining room. Bring out a basket and put all the things that don't belong in your dining area in it. These can be newspapers, magazines, toys, documents, laptop PC and so on. Stow these items so that your dining room can be clutter-free.

  2. Dust the knickknacks in the dining area such as porcelain figurines, paintings, frames, sculptures and other decorative items. Be careful that you don't topple expensive items.

  3. Use specific cleaning products meant to clean brass, wooden and glass items so that you don't damage these items.

  4. Dust the ceilings, walls and corners. Remove cobwebs from corners. If you have time, move the furniture around to reach behind them so that it can be cleaned from all angles.

  5. Use a step ladder to clean the ceiling fan as there is nothing worse than turning on the ceiling fan and getting a chunk of dirt land in your food.

  6. Take down the curtains, blinds or draperies and replace them with clean, fresh curtains. Clean the window panes, glass and corners.

  7. Condition and deep-clean wood furniture at least twice a year to keep them tidy. Wash the dining room table, chairs and upholstery. Spot clean the upholstery if you notice any stains on it.

  8. Use a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaning product or hire a professional to clean your carpet and rugs.


Using candles while entertaining? Always use a candleholder to prevent wax spillage on your dining room table.


Be careful when cleaning framed art and photographs. Never spray cleaner or water directly onto the frame as liquid may penetrate the glass and damage the pictures. Use a damp, clean cloth instead to wipe the frame and glass.