Instructions for Changing Pricing on a Speed Queen Micro Display Control

Lynne Vanders

In a world where inflation is a common experience, prices increase on everything from staple goods to luxury items, and the cost of doing laundry is no exception. For coin operated laundry owners, rising costs of electricity and maintenance repairs can dramatically increase overhead costs of operating laundry facilities. Instead of absorbing the cost and accepting lower profits, adjust the pricing on your Speed Queen Dryers to pass some of the cost on to customers and keep your business running in the black.

Many commercial laundry facilities use coin operated Speed Queen washers and dryers.
  1. Make sure all switches are turned off, then press the reset button to clear the computer memory. This will clear all settings on the dryer.

  2. Turn on the second switch. Press the high temperature button to increase the setting until it reads 1.0 for a dryer that accepts a single type of coin. Push the low temp button to lower the setting if you go above 1.0. Turn the switch off.

  3. Turn on the third switch to set how many coins you want to require for the price. For example, set the number of coins at six if your machine accepts only quarters and you want the price to be set at $1.50, because six quarters equals $1.50. Flip the switch to the “off” position.

  4. Adjust the other dryer settings, including temperature and cool down time, until all settings are where you want them for operation. Turn all switches off before using the dryer. Leave switch number four on if you want the beeper to sound at the end of the dry time.

  5. Tip

    There are two sets of switches under the display. The group on the left is the group that controls pricing. These instructions are for Speed Queen coin operated dryers that do not use Quantum Gold controls. Other models may have different operating instructions.


    Resetting the computer will clear all settings on the dryer, not just the price settings. You will need to manually enter all of the dryer settings again after clearing the memory.