How To Dispose of an EpiPen

State laws regulate how an EpiPen and other syringes can be disposed of, in order to protect the public from coming into contact with used needles. Properly dispose of your EpiPen after use, when it expires, or if the contents of the injector appear discolored. The contents of an EpiPen injector should be clear.

Close up of a man using an EpiPen on his thigh.

Discoloration means the EpiPen is no longer good. Don't forget to ask your doctor for a replacement EpiPen.

  1. Put the EpiPen, needle-end first, inside its plastic storage container.

  2. Screw the cap onto the storage tube.

  3. Bring the used EpiPen, secured inside its plastic container, to a facility that collects medical sharps waste. Some doctor's offices, pharmacies and hospitals accept needles for disposal. Locate a needle disposal facility in your area by calling your local public health department or by visiting SafeNeedleDisposal.org. Another option for EpiPen disposal, is to sign up for a home sharps disposal mail-back program, which provides you with a special container and shipping instructions to legally mail your EpiPen and other syringes to the sharps disposal company. Stericycle and GRP are two home sharps-disposal mail-back companies.

  4. Tip

    Only use an EpiPen once; properly discard it after use. Keep an eye on the expiration date listed on your EpiPen. Properly discard an expired EpiPen and ask your doctor for a replacement.


    Go to the emergency room after using an EpiPen.