What Size Breaker Is Needed for a Kitchen Stove?

Amanda Ballard Coates

The size of the circuit breaker running the appliances in the kitchen is important. Most kitchen appliances should have their own dedicated 15-amp to 20-amp circuit. Some things that do not pull as much power, like small appliances plus lighting may be wired to a single circuit breaker.

Breaker Size

The suggested circuit breaker size for the kitchen stove is 50 amps, 220 volts. This is a double breaker. Single breakers normally carry 110 volts. It must be a dedicated circuit for the stove only, meaning that no other appliances or outlets can be served by that circuit. This will ensure the maximum amount of power to the stove.


It is important to use the suggested circuit for kitchen appliances. If the demand for power when trying trying to use several of your kitchen appliances at once exceeds the breaker rating, you could trip the circuit breaker, resulting in a loss of power.

Other Appliance Suggestions

Refrigerator: dedicated 20-amp circuit Over-the-range microwave: dedicated 20-amp circuit Garbage disposal: One 20-amp circuit Dishwasher: 20-amp circuit Small appliances: Minimum of two 20-amp circuits, but lighting can usually be put on this same circuit

Range Hood

The range hood should have its own dedicated 20-amp circuit. It pulls a lot of power and is usually needed when the stove is being used at the same time.


Remember to turn off the breaker box before replacing any circuit breakers or doing any other type of electrical work.