Grants for House Repairs

There are many grants available to help pay for home repairs, but it's important to know that grants are provided to applicants who meet specific conditions.

Very-Low Income Housing Repair Grant

Grants for housing repairs are available to individuals, local governments and nonprofit organizations. Grants are available for very-low income residences, homes that have lead-based paint, technical studies for healthy homes and for rural housing preservation.

The Very-Low Income Housing Repair grant is designed for people 62 years of age or older who live in rural areas and have a very low income. This grant enables recipients to repair or modernize their home by receiving up to $20,000 for a loan that is to be repaid over 20 years. The loan bears a 1 percent interest rate. According to the grant's uses-and-use restrictions, eligible rural areas are defined as locations with a population not exceeding 10,000 people.

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant

The Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control grant is designed to help federally recognized American Indian tribal governments, state governments and city or townships in controlling and identifying lead-based hazards in occupied dwellings or rental properties. Recipients of the grant are awarded up to $7,070,000, according to

State Veterans Home Construction Grant

The state Veterans Home Construction Grant is designed for state and local governments to repair, renovate and construct homes for state veterans. Only state government home facilities serving the veteran community are eligible to apply for this grant. The granting agency is the Construction of State Home Facilities.

Healthy Homes Technical Studies Grant

The Healthy Homes Technical Studies grant is designed for assisting nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and general local governments to identify, control and assess health and safety hazards in residential areas. According to, the maximum amount awarded from this grant is up to $800,000. The granting agency is the Department of Housing.

Rural Housing Preservation Grant

The Rural Housing Preservation grant is designed for to help community organizations, faith-based institutions, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, local governments, tribal organizations and low-income homeowners in repairing and rehabilitating individual homes or housing complexes. According to, the maximum amount of funds awarded to recipients is $100,000.

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