Types of Hammocks

A hammock is a piece of furniture that people use to relax in an outdoor environment.

Spreader Hammocks

There are a few different types of hammocks, but they always hang above the ground like a swing. If you're planning on buying a hammock, make sure that you know which kind you want.

These hammocks contain two poles on either end of the hammock which enable the netting to spread out. When lying on the hammock, position your head and feet near the two poles. Lie directly in the middle of hammock, lengthwise, or else you will easily slip off the edge.

Mayan Hammocks

Mayan hammocks bunch up like a cocoon. When you lay down in one, do not lie parallel with the length of the hammock, but across its width. Sit in the middle of the hammock and then stretch the edges of the hammock up to your head and down to your feet.

Travel Hammocks

These are also known as camping hammocks. These are designed for easy installation, alteration and removal. Travel hammocks are made of nylon, and are usually incredibly light. Some of these hammocks can include mosquito nets.

Jungle Hammocks

These are inline hammocks that must be laid upon lengthwise. They're made of breathable nylon or polyester, with a non-stretch suspension line. If you want to sleep for multiple hours on a hammock, the jungle hammock is probably the most secure and safe type you'll find.

Fabric or Quilted

These are typically regarded as fashionable hammocks, and are usually the most expensive type of hammock you'll find. Instead of lying directly on netting, extra padding provides a more comfortable hammock experience. These hammocks often have spreaders at either end to keep the fabric from bunching.


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