Full Futon Vs. Queen Futon

A futon is a bed that doubles as a sofa, making futons an ideal option for those looking for a space-saving extra sleeping space. Futon mattresses are slightly different than traditional mattresses in that they are more flexible and can be folded up into a sofa position. Futons come in twin-size, full-size, and queen-size mattresses. King-size futon mattresses are rare but are available as well.


A full futon mattress typically has measurements of 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. A full has the same length as a typical twin futon mattress but is wider. Twin futon mattresses are 39 inches wide.

A queen futon mattress typically has measurements of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Going larger, the king-size futon mattress has measurements of 78 inches wide by 80 inches long.


A full is also known as a "double bed" as it is usually able to accommodate two regular-sized adults. However, a queen is wider and longer, which makes it ideal for two people to sleep in comfortably. A queen size is also ideal for those who need a longer bed.

Space is a consideration. The futon mattress must be able to fold out from the couch position with enough space on all sides. Therefore, those with little space should consider a twin, while full- and queen-size consideration comes down to space and how many people will be using the mattress at the same time.


Futons are different from sofa beds and convertible beds. Futons usually do not have additional cushions on them or an internal fold-up mattress frame. With a futon, the external frame usually folds down to flatten out the top of the futon, which is also the mattress. The mattress is in essence the sofa cushioning.


A queen futon will cost more than a full futon in most cases. Price is also affected by the material used to make the futon, the thickness and quality of the mattress, and the quality of the frame.

Prices can range from anywhere from $40 for a secondhand small futon to over $500 dollars for a queen-size futon with thick mattress and highest quality materials.


A queen-size futon is ideal if you plan on using the futon often for sleeping purposes or as your primary sleep furniture. Those living in small apartments such as studio apartments may consider a futon to save space. The queen size will comfortably fit two adults and folds up into a space-saving couch during the day.

A full-size futon is ideal for those who want to save space and use the futon on a regular basis for just one person or occasionally two people. A full size is also a good option for a guest room.