Information on Townecraft Cookware

Mary Lougee

If you are looking for a sturdy set of pots and pans with some unique features like waterless cooking, then take a look at Townecraft cookware. Its chef's ware product line is quality-crafted to please a professional chef, or anyone who wants to cook like one on a daily basis.

Waterless Cooking

When vegetables are cooking in water, they release their nutrients and vitamins into the water and this decreases the health benefits of the vegetables. Townecraft cookware has a design to retain all of the healthy attributes of vegetables. After you clean your vegetables, you place them in the pot with no added water and the natural water retained in them is used to steam cook them. There is no need to add fats or oils to these pots.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel construction improves many functions of cookware as well as adding the ultimate in durability to them. Stainless provides even heating, rapid heat transfer and holds the heat inside the cookware to obtain even heating. Townecraft cookware has a heavy bottom, which sits flat on the stovetop burner and has additional strength.


A vapor-seal lid is included with each pot and pan in the Townecraft line. This specially crafted lid keeps all of the steam retained inside the pot for cooking as well as a rolled edge lid for a secure seat on the pots and pans. The heavily weighted water seal lids provide self-basting of all of your foods so they remain moist and juicy. Removable knobs on the lids and pot handles allow for thorough cleaning of these products. Self-storing covers allow you to put each lid upside down on the pot to save storage space. The ergonomic handles enable you to lift the pots easily and each has a flame guard to protect from flames on a gas stove.

Stack Cooking

These pots and pans have an innovative use in stack cooking while using only one burner on the stove. You put the largest pan with its lid on the burner with your meat in it and start cooking it. The next pot is stacked on top with your vegetables that require less cooking time and the top pot with it's lid will warm sauces or make pudding all at the same time. The possibilities are endless as to what you cook all at once and you can stack as many pots as you like while achieving even cooking in each.


Townecraft chef's ware has a lifetime warranty. In the event of fire, tornado, hurricane, flood or any other act of God, Townecraft will refund you half of the retail price of your cookware.