Shark Steam Mop Vs. H2O Mop

The Shark Steam Mop and H2O Mop both use an innovative strategy to clean a variety of floor types. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals and detergents, these mops instead rely on just electricity and tap water to clean and sanitize your floors. By converting water to steam, the Shark Steam Mop and H2O Mop prove to be both effective and efficient cleaning tools for your home or office.


The H2O Mop weighs just 10 lbs. and features 1500 watts of power. It has a convenient 17-foot cord and features a long handle with an arrow-shaped steamer head. To easily reach into corners and small spaces, the head moves in a swivel motion. The H2O Mop is sold with two reusable microfiber cloth pads, which attach to the steamer head and are used to pick up dirt from the floor. The Shark Steam Mop, on the other hand, is lighter. It weighs just 3 pounds and also features a powerful 1500 watts of power, with a 20-foot power cord. The Shark Steam Mop is also sold with two reusable microfiber cleaning pads, although these fit onto a rectangular-shaped head. The reusable cloths for both mops can be easily washed at home in warm water and tumbled dry.


The H2O Mop and Shark Steam Mop were both designed with similar strategies in mind: to clean and sanitize a variety of floors using just steam. Both the H2O Mop and Shark Steam Mop can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, including laminate, hardwood, vinyl, marble, ceramic, slate, stone and parquet. However, the H2O Mop comes with an extra attachment that allows the mop to be used on carpet. According to the product details, the H2O Mop can be used to deodorize and remove stains from carpets and rugs. With just a few sweeps over the carpet, the H2O Mop uses steam to instantly freshen the appearance of your carpet.


The H2O Mop and Shark Steam Mop have essentially the same strategy of cleaning. The mops convert water to steam, which is then applied directly to the floor. The pressure of the steam loosens any dirt or grime on the surface of the floor. Then, as you move the mop over the area, the microfiber pad picks up the loose dirt. Although the floor may remain a bit damp after steaming, the microfiber pad removes much of the moisture as well. The manufacturers of the H2O Mop claim it takes approximately 15 seconds to convert water to steam, while the manufacturers of the Shark Steam Mop claim it takes about 30 seconds.


Fortunately, neither the H2O Mop nor the Shark Steam Mop requires any additional products to work. You will not need to purchase any specific cleaning products, detergents, soaps or sanitizers to use with the mops. Instead, simply fill the mop with tap water and allow the steam to do its job. Additionally, you will not need to purchase any buckets, washrags, towels or sponges that you would typically need to clean a floor. The reusable microfiber pads on the H2O Mop and Shark Steam Mop only need to be replaced if they tear or develop holes.


In 2009, the H2O Mop sells for about $100. The Shark Steam Mop, on the other hand, costs just $80. The price difference is likely due to the added bonus provided by the H2O Mop; it can be used on carpets, which cuts down on any carpet cleaning costs incurred through other methods.

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