Cheap Vanity Ideas

The vanity you choose for your bathroom is a key element in the decor.

The vanity in your bathroom is an essential decorating element that holds your sink, cosmetic items and cleaning supplies.  In a small bathroom, the under-sink storage the vanity provides is a way to keep supplies for the bathroom out of sight.

A bathroom vanity is also an opportunity to add to the decor of the room with the choice of materials and colors.  Choose to install the vanity on your own to keep the cost of the piece as low as possible.

Secondhand Vanities

Budget-minded homeowners can save on the cost of a bathroom remodel with secondhand vanities from a thrift shop or secondhand building supply store, such as Habitat for Humanity.  The ReStore resale outlets from Habitat for Humanity accept donations from homeowners remodeling homes and building suppliers with excess materials and sell the items to the public.

A homeowner remodeling a bathroom can search for a vanity for the room at a discounted price. 

Remodeling a Dresser

Homeowners can convert a secondhand dresser into a bathroom vanity, which will provide storage space and provide a rustic or old world look in the bathroom.  You will lose the storage capacity of the top drawer when converting the dresser to accommodate the sink and plumbing, but the remaining drawers are available for extra towels, cosmetics and extra cleaning supplies.

Remodeling a dresser will require you to cut out holes in the top of the piece for the faucet, sink and knobs. 

Unfinished Pieces

You may also find a discounted vanity for your bathroom if you shop with wholesale cabinet companies that sell to contractors and the public.  The pieces may be unfinished, which will require you to stain and finish the piece in addition to installation.

Look for discontinued models that may have a lower price tag than a current model.  You may also find that vanities that have damage or imperfections are much lower in price.

If you are handy, you can repair or hide the imperfections and have an attractive bathroom vanity. 

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