How to Disassemble Furniture When Preparing for a Move

How to Disassemble Furniture When Preparing for a Move. When you're preparing to move, disassemble furniture for easier transport.

  1. Gather items that you will need for disassembling furniture, such as screwdrivers, hammers, and small envelopes or plastic storage bags for storing screws and nuts.

  2. Survey your furniture, such as bookcases, tables, bed frames, and dressers or bureaus with attached mirrors; look for pieces that can be disassembled for your move.

  3. Remove screws and nuts from furniture pieces.

  4. For furniture with numerous parts, number the separate pieces and corresponding parts in an unobtrusive spot on the main part of the furniture body with a felt-tip marker; make and keep a simple diagram of the assembly, if necessary, for reference during reassembly.

  5. Place loose hardware in a small envelope or bag; keep the sealed envelope or bag with the furniture item by securely taping it into place or storing it in a furniture drawer.

  6. Consider removing large pillows from pillow-backed sofas and packing them separately to prevent soiling during your move.

  7. Tip

    If you're hiring a professional moving company to transport your goods, save your time and energy by letting the moving crew disassemble your furniture.


    Don't be careless with hardware when you're disassembling furniture; avoid headaches during reassembly by saving screws, nuts and other furniture parts.

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