Do it Yourself Cheap Carpeting Ideas

Carpet expense can be a large part of a remodeling budget. Stained concrete or wood floors may be a more contemporary choice, but carpeting can sometimes be necessary, especially in colder climates. Consider using area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting. Bring down costs and take advantage of one-time events and availability by hunting for better carpet deals through relocation and remodeling “sales” offered by local businesses. Design a carpet solution that mixes carpet colors and textures and provides a one-of-a-kind decor.

Use Remnants

Measure the room needing carpet. Call or visit local carpet installation companies and showrooms and inquire about remnants. Remnants can be found in a variety of sizes; sometimes they are long widths and other times they may be rectangles of approximately 18 by 12 inches. Remnant prices can run about a dollar for each small remnant. Larger pieces —3 feet by 5 feet or larger — will cost more but can become area rugs or be attached together for more floor coverage.

Outline the edges of the room in a double stick cloth tape that will adhere the remnants to the floor. Begin in a corner of the room and place the first remnant. Build the carpet by attaching each new remnant to the one before by placing the double stick tape underneath to keep it in place. The result is a colorful patchwork look. Use this idea in playrooms, kids' rooms and family rooms.

Check Furniture Stores

Furniture stores receive new merchandise daily and change their vignettes weekly. Large pieces of carpet are often used to designate a focal point. Many furniture stores resell samples, accessories and their slightly used carpet remnants. Facilities managers and store mangers of furniture and other retail stores will know when clearance sales are scheduled. Spot furniture clearance sales in the local paper and call to ask if accessories and carpet remnants will be part of the price-cutting. Ask what sizes and colors are available and the price. If the answers fit the budget and needs of the do-it-yourself carpeting project, request an early viewing of the carpet before the sale dates.

Search For Remodeling Projects

Large businesses remodel on a regular basis to keep their facilities looking updated and fresh. Banks, engineering and architectural firms, insurance companies and other types of service businesses will replace carpet, paint and fixtures that are gently or slightly used. These projects are not announced to the public but general contractors may know what companies are taking bids. Contact general contractors to inquire about carpet that may be available.

Insurance companies may also have leads on gently used wall-to-wall carpet. Often, insurance companies replace whole rooms of carpet because small areas of the carpet have been damaged. Ask a local insurance agency or friends who are insurance agents about this type of remodeling possibility.

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