Melamine Particle Board Facts

Melamine particle board is a material commonly found in inexpensive, pre-made furniture. While melamine has been in use for a while it remains an inexpensive and fairly durable way to add colors or patterns to otherwise unexciting furniture.

How is it made?

Melamine particle board is made by taking a mixture of melamine and formaldehyde, called melamine resin, and using it to laminate decorative paper onto a sheet of particle board.

What are the advantages?

It is cheap and more durable than other materials of comparable prices. It is also relatively easy to make, and it remains in widespread use.

What are the disadvantages?

Despite being fairly durable overall, the particle board scratches easily. It can also be difficult to work with, as most saws will cause it to chip and break.


The board can be found in a variety of thicknesses and, because it is simply decorative paper attached to particle board, it can be made with almost any pattern or color.

How to work with

It is possible to buy special saw blades designed for use with melamine particle board. If you intend to make significant use of this material, buying one of those is recommended.

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