The Different Types of Porches

Shae Hazelton

Curb appeal is important to many homeowners, and porches are an important feature because they frame your home. Fortunately, there are many types of porches, so you can choose just the look you need.

A porch is the forefront of your home.

Covered Porch

A covered porch is what you might see on a farmhouse. The covering provides protection from the sun's rays. The porch is large enough to set furniture on, so people can sit in the shade and enjoy a nice, cold drink on a hot day.


A sunroom is a screened-in porch. It allows you to enjoy a nice breeze on a beautiful day, but the thin screening around the perimeter of the porch keeps insects and other pests out.


The breezeway works as a covered walkway between the house and the garage, as well as a relaxing place to set outdoor furniture.


A courtyard in front of the house actually counts as a porch. The courtyard is a broad space that can be filled with just about anything---a garden, fountain, statues---you name it.

Wraparound Porch

Old Victorian houses usually come to mind when a wraparound porch is mentioned. The porch runs along the front and continues on to one or both sides of the house.